Paraguay Government Launches Public Tender For The Construction Of A Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP)

Author:Mr Marco Colmán and Jorge Figueredo
Profession:Vouga Abogados

The National Council of Production and Independent Transportation of Electric Energy (known in Spanish by the acronym CONAPTIE), has announced on July 6th, 2016, that it will call for bids on the construction of a Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP), on the Ypané River. In its first instance, the Bidding Terms and Conditions will be subject of consultations from those interested in bidding, who will have the opportunity to make observations in a 15-day time span (up until August 2nd), with the objective of bringing all aspects of the process together to encourage the biggest possible participation. This call is made with the ultimate goal of continuing to take advantage of the great hydroelectric potential of Paraguay, taking into consideration that the energetic demand grows by 10% annually, and in particular, to the extensive energetic deficit that exists in the region.

The present project is the result on a private initiative presented two years ago, and it is framed under Law No. 3009/2006 "OF PRODUCTION AND INDEPENDENT TRANSPORTATION OF ELECTRIC ENERGY" (known in Spanish by the acronym PTIEE), which states that investors working with the National Electricity Administration (known in Spanish by the acronym ANDE), under Shared Risk contracts build and operate electric generation centrals (amidst other sources and methods), by the exploitation of hydraulic resources, foreseeing the reversal of the works and installations to the Paraguayan State within 30 years.

CONAPTIE has also decided to call for a public bidding for the purchase of electric energy, probably starting from a solar-eolic matrix, to supply the city of Bahía Negra (Department of Alto Paraguay), which today is being done from a fossil fuel...

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