The Executive Branch Sets Out New Methods For The Incorporation Of Corporations And Limited Liability Companies In Paraguay

Author:Mr Andrés Vera
Profession:Vouga Abogados

The Executive Branch began a process to modernize the procedures that precede the registration of corporations and limited liability companies in the corresponding sections of the Public Registries Office, to be performed before the Department of Registry and Supervision of Companies of the Treasury. Consequently, from July 1, 2016, the process for the incorporation of companies in Paraguay will be carried out through electronic files.

Therefore, the President has decided to take advantage of the legal tools contained in Laws No. 4017/10 (on digital signature) and No. 4679/12 (on administrative procedures), issuing Decree No. 4962/16, followed by Resolution MH No. 175/16 of the Ministry of Finance and Resolution AT No. 3/16 of the Treasury's Attorney Office. The first two provisions contain authorizations so that lower-ranked offices can implement electronic means in the reengineering of their procedures and issue a new regulation for the registration and supervision of corporations and limited liability companies.

On the other hand, Resolution AT No. 3/16, set that until June 30 of this year, requests on the incorporation, change, merger, transformation and dissolution of corporations and limited liability companies...

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